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Web Rumpel v3.2
Gallery 20th November 2017 Uncategorised Irene Ng

New in this version: Notables can now be uploaded with file/photo attachments Added all new data plug management screen with improved interactions UI shows all of the acquired data plug-by-plug Added SHE feed Added Fitbit data display to the dashboard and mashup views Besides those, we’re improved quite a few things Upgraded all of the

Web Rumpel v3.1
Gallery 21st August 2017 Uncategorised Irene Ng

Rumpel v3.1 Release Notes Rumpel™ is a private dashboard for your HAT data. It is the browser through which you can view, manage and create actions using the data stored in your HAT. What you can do with Rumpel: * Stuff data into your HAT; claim your data from Internet companies and make it useful