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Milliner v1.4.1
Gallery 22nd November 2017 Uncategorised Irene Ng

Minor Milliner release: – simplifies cluster interface customisation by reusing bigger parts of the codebase – fixes issues with the handling of HATs that have partially failed to create or delete – Cleaner ECS virtual machine recycling avoiding application server downtime – Adds additional performance metrics to the administrators’ dashboard

Milliner v1.4.0
Gallery 28th July 2017 Uncategorised Irene Ng

Released 28 July 2017 Release Notes CloudFormation infrastructure revamped to match security guidelines Patching Policy setup for daily updates DDoS mitigation via default AWS services Clarified policies: Data Location policy Backup Location policy Data Retention policy Implemented Log retention and Archiving Improved Database monitoring features Improved HAT scaling monitoring features Setup Host Intrusion Detection System