HAT Milliner Service

The HAT Milliner Service is the HAT deployment software used in the HATs-on-Demand and HATs-as-a-Service. It was developed by HATDeX to allow more dynamic configuration of HAT deployment such as for example, default allocated storage for each HAT, mechanism for starting and managing HAT and rules for HAT backup and recovery.

Your organisation may obtain a license from HATDeX to provision HATs directly from your apps much like HaaS, but to host HATs on your existing or preferred cloud infrastructure. Your organisation will benefit from this service in terms of being able to rapidly deploy HATs. Your customers will be able to play with their HAT instantly via Rumpel – the HAT Dashboard that can be tailored for your brand, as well as participate in the MarketSquare and DataBuyer services.

Create your optimised HAT hosting solution

Using the HAT Milliner Service, your business will leverage the openness and transferable configuration of popular tools and technologies specifically for HAT deployment. The HAT Milliner service offers portability for any organisation to host HATs pretty much anywhere Docker Containers can run, fitting your needs and on your preferred infrastructure. By licensing the Milliner Service from HATDeX, you will also have access to future backend services offered through the Milliner. You select the cloud-hosting platform, and the Milliner Service handles everything else.

Migrate to other infrastructure

Just because containers and orchestration tools can be transferable, it doesn’t mean that any configuration will be compatible with mainstream cloud service providers. In building the Milliner Service, we’ve been careful to only use portal technologies in the solution and orchestration layers to ensure that HAT deployment not only uses the popular / familiar features of these tools, but will also be able to seamlessly migrate to other providers at will.

Seamless HAT Deployment

Through the HAT Milliner Service, your application can provision, run and manage HATs for your customers directly from your app with seamless user experience. No matter what platform your applications work on desktop, web or mobile the Milliner Service will take care of your HAT provisioning.

Secure your customers’ personal data

Designed for resilience, the HAT Milliner Service provides fully managed and fault-tolerant HAT hosting. As “one database in One container for Every HAT” and distributed over the infrastructure, the Milliner Service helps to reduce the security risk from account-based centralised storage, dis-incentivises breaching activities, employs best security practices and adds many more layers of security solutions.

Who is it for?

Licensing the Milliner Service is ideal for organisations that work on existing legacy infrastructure capability, or prefer alternative infrastructure to host HAT independently, or already care for personal data of a large customer base. For example, retailers, telecommunication providers, energy providers, and healthcare services, etc. Such organisations should have software competency and some infrastructure capability. The Milliner Service is useful for corporations that wish to optimise their existing infrastructure, minimise personal data storage and support costs, as well as to offer an integrated solution for personal data hosting all the way through applications using personal data.

What’s included in the package

Milliner Service – allows your applications to deploy HATs on selected infrastructure with a simple API request behind the scene.
Fully-controlled HAT deployment – control your automated HAT deployment through the Milliner Service. You decide how resources should be allocated to the HAT’s deployment, storage, computing, networking and backup, even the extra security solutions.
Full Scalability – you are in control of the scale of the HAT deployment
White-Labelled Rumpel – provide your branded look and feel to your customers when they manage their personal data via Rumpel – the Hyper Data Browser
MarketSquare access – Milliner Service HATs are automatically enrolled to participate in MarketSquare
Universal Data Plugs included
Expert Support – from the HATDeX team via HATDeX forum

Need Extra?

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