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HATDeX Platform and Technology Stack

HATDeX maintains the baseline open sourced HAT but we built it into a secure cloud-based technology stack to enable the creation, storage, aggregation, analysis, productisation, exchange and consumption of person-controlled personal data (PPD) for organisations to obtain dynamic, real time, on-demand access to PPD from their own customers.

The technology stack consists of a suite of cloud services that can be integrated to existing systems to enable organisations to achieve competitive advantage in the personal data economy through access to rich personal data from their own customers, all while benefiting from network effects and an open sourced community that continues to improve on the platform for the benefit of every member. HATDeX platform is unique in the sense that it is neither a data controller or a data processor. HAT owners themselves are ‘data controllers’ and processors and the HATDeX platform supports and facilitates data exchanges between them and their host organisations. More importantly, HATDeX allows organisations to have a direct, trusted relationships with their own customers with their own branded “private data accounts“.

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