What Exactly is the HAT?

The HAT: your own personal data store

your words, personal information, photos, music, everything on the Internet that is personal to you, is your data.

What to do with your HAT

Stuff data into your HAT! Claim your data from Internet companies and make it useful to YOU. With just a few key presses. (We think its like printing money)

Keep it secure and available on demand. Your data is stored in a personal and secure cloud container that goes everywhere with you and available on your devices.

Use the HAT services. Use your HAT to interact on the Internet, posting words on social media, filling information for forms, signing on web services, share data for personalised quotations and offers.

Monetise your data. Use it to get discounts and vouchers, again and again.

Personalise your HAT. With your PHATA (personal HAT address) e.g. http://yourHATname.hubofallthings.net, to direct everyone to the other ‘parts’ of you on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, blog or website. Learn about the PHATA here.

The HAT is private, and belongs to you, the individual

You need to choose your HAT provider, but they are bound by the HAT Community Foundation regulations to ensure the HAT is legally owned by you, and that they have no access to the data and contents of your HAT, unless you let them, through a data debit. Your HAT personal data store is not just privacy preserving, it’s yours.

The HAT is secure

your data should be shared from your HAT, with you in control, instead of every organisation having a set of your personal data

With a HAT, you have your own cloud container, not an account on someone else’s database. The HAT uses state-of-the-art container technology to make it possible for you to have a data store on demand that is secure.

The HAT is portable

You can move your HAT to a provider you like (or even bring it to your own server)

The HAT is built on research

£1.7m, 6 UK universities, 7 professors and 20 researchers researched into the design of the technology, business and economic models

The HAT changes the future of the Internet

your data and words become your history and memory, a ‘wiki-me’ of information for health, well being and personalized products.

The HAT is the Hub-of-All-Things

Because we think YOU should be at the hub of all things

Why support the HAT?

The HAT gives you controlhat_logo-my-data-biggest-file

As individuals, you decide with whom to share your data and content. Much of our data sitting in corporations’ servers are only useful to them and not us; we can’t share it again and again, and we don’t have any control over it. The HAT allows control to be brought back to individuals, so that we won’t have any more issues with privacy. We won’t yet have control over the current data already collected, but it’s the first step towards getting some control back. As more apps become HAT ready, we will have greater say.

The HAT levels the playing field

With our own personal data store on a microserver, we can deal with corporations like a business – evolving a B2C relationship to a B2B relationship.

The HAT changes our relationship with corporations

It allows future services and applications to be built with us as individuals in control of our data and content, in an easy way.

This is also good for organisations because linking up so much data across the different siloes is expensive and time consuming; it allows better applications to be built across different types of data (think of your health, finance and Fitbit data together in a service that preserves your privacy).

It also gives organisations a direct relationship with you, and not with third-party organisations that hold your data.

The HAT gives us privacy and digital freedom

The HAT is our property and we can share data and content HAT-to-HAT without having to give the data away to third parties.

The HAT gives us bargaining power over the use of our data

Seriously – when our numbers increase, we will collectively have more bargaining power over what the Internet does with our data.

How to support

Get a HAT

Try it out. See its potential, even if there aren’t that many services on it yet. Choose a HAT provider and get a HAT here. At a later date, you should be able to change HAT providers and move your data to your preferred provider. If you are mostly on your phone, download the iOS app to get your HAT here

Pay for HATs

We are a research team that built a community over 3 years, so many of us work on the HAT in our spare time. So we don’t have funds to pay for all your HATs.

BUT, we built HATs on some awesome tech. Containers. Containers are to big cloud architectures the way PCs were to the world of main frames in the 1980s. The PCs revolutionalised the way small companies processed information and we think HATs will revolutionalise the way individuals process information.

We are trying to bring costs down and increase value for money by building more services but at the beginning, support by the community goes a long way. And when we start monetising our own data, there will be funds for HATs!


Support our cause through our Indiegogo page!

Get involved

Be part of the HATTERs community and subscribe to our MADHATTER weekly updates. Learn how to get more involved here.

What the HAT could be:

Our own self-wide-web

If we get back all our data, our words, our steps, our photos, the HAT become precious history and a repository to build and buy future intelligent services to help ourselves e.g. Me-Siri and other cognitive assistance that helps us with computation, recall, and other cool apps.

Match, not Search

Our data and our assets should really help us get better recommendation services, matching what we have with what we buy. This can only happen if there is a privacy-preserving way to combine data, to help us live better and make better decisions.

And we won’t need to worry about privacy anymore.

Want more? Check out more details of the HAT here. And have a look at our Prezi on the HAT story here.