What are Crowns on the HAT?

What are Crowns on the HAT?
13th January 2017 Jonathan Holtby

Crowns is the HAT ‘currency’.

HATTERs can earn crowns when they accept data offers. Data Shoppers on MarketSquare pay to get HATTERs data so we share that money between HATDeX and HATTERs.

HATTERs can see how many crowns they have earned here on MarketSquare.

We built it on the HAT, but right now, it’s only one way – HATTERs can earn it, but not spend it. YET. Why? Hey, give us a chance! We’ve got tons to build for the community so we will get to this at some point.

What we WILL do though is that for the data shoppers that paid into the system, we will put the crowns that HATTERs earn into a LARGE PIGGY BANK and not touch it. Later when we build the system on how to spend it, we’ll break that piggy bank and give it all back to the community.

Meanwhile, happy accumulating!