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HAT iOS v 2.3.1
Gallery 25th August 2017 Uncategorised Irene Ng

HAT v2.3.1 (Rumpel Lite iOS) From here on HAT will be having weekly updates • Added ability to filter Facebook or Twitter feed by date (and in my Story) • New UI for iPad • UI Fixes • Performance Improvements GitHub release here

Web Rumpel v3.1
Gallery 21st August 2017 Uncategorised Irene Ng

Rumpel v3.1 Release Notes Rumpel™ is a private dashboard for your HAT data. It is the browser through which you can view, manage and create actions using the data stored in your HAT. What you can do with Rumpel: * Stuff data into your HAT; claim your data from Internet companies and make it useful

Gallery 21st August 2017 Uncategorised Irene Ng

Additional content in the HATTERS – MadHATTERS newsletter automatically pulled in from MailChimp content – Links to Mailchimp signup forms and an automatic popup

Rumpel Lite iOS app v2.3 (renamed the HAT iOS app)
Gallery 19th August 2017 Uncategorised Irene Ng

Rumpel Lite is an iOS demonstrator app for the HAT. # What’s new in version 2.3: Rumpel Lite will be renamed ‘the HAT’ in this version, to reflect the full capability of the HAT – split notes from private logging of notes (top secret logs) to notes for posting on social media (social media control) –

DataBuyer v2.0
Gallery 18th August 2017 Uncategorised Irene Ng

Released 16 August 2017 Release notes New features in this release: Reworked API data structures, authentication procedure and available endpoints Revamped offer creation flow for data buyers Fresh user interface Supports offer filters based on merchant code Coordinates offer management with DEX service Collects available offer data from HATs and stores it in a private

HATTERS v2.0 release
Gallery 18th August 2017 Uncategorised Irene Ng

HATTERs gets streamlined with v2.0 – A completely new User Interface for getting a HAT – Rebuilt backend for API-based interactions – Modular membership options support based on rumtime dependency injection for extensibility and different payment/subscription methods – Rebuilt Database Access Layer for typesafe abstractions

Milliner v1.4.0
Gallery 28th July 2017 Uncategorised Irene Ng

Released 28 July 2017 Release Notes CloudFormation infrastructure revamped to match security guidelines Patching Policy setup for daily updates DDoS mitigation via default AWS services Clarified policies: Data Location policy Backup Location policy Data Retention policy Implemented Log retention and Archiving Improved Database monitoring features Improved HAT scaling monitoring features Setup Host Intrusion Detection System

DEX v1.0.0
Gallery 31st May 2017 Uncategorised Irene Ng

Release Notes What’s New in Version v1.0.0 The first release of the Data Exchange separated out from the old MarketSquare Ports exchange-related functionality over to DEX, including: HAT registration and tracking DataPlug registration, listing and setting up with HATs Base Offer registration, listing and setting up corresponding Data Debits with HATs HAT Statistics reports handling,