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Rumpel™ is the private dashboard  (What is the HAT). HAT is the container of your data and content and Rumpel™ is the browser to view, use and create actions using the data on the HAT. When the time comes and technology evolves to have greater intelligence, search, match and analytic capabilities around personal data, you may be able to buy the technology, but you cannot buy your own history. Start accumulating your data repository with Rumpel™ today.

No one else can use Rumpel™ to view your HAT data except yourself, as the HAT owner. It is compatible with all computer Operating Systems and it excludes all third parties, advertisements and ‘hard selling’. It is also being made available as an open source programme.

New to Rumpel? Here’s what to do:


Using Rumpel™, you can pull in data about yourself from the Internet – Facebook, calendar, photos, just to name a few – into your HAT and view it.

Using Dataplugs on Rumpel


Using Rumpel™, you can add data such as profile information, preferences etc. You can also customise your PHATA (personal HAT address) page.
Add data and customise your PHATA


The HAT is able to ‘flatten’ the data so that it is searchable, indexable and able to be reorganised and even create intelligence from. RUMPEL allows you to view some mashups of this data so that you can realise the potential of your data. Since RUMPEL is open sourced, the community can create more mashups and views on Rumpel and we will integrate them once they are ready. You can view one of the mashup views on Rumpel.

Mashup – My Days


Exchanging data

Rumpel™ is the interface that allows you to share your data, through the HAT’s DATA DEBIT SYSTEM, with friends and family without a third party being involved – to help making plans run smoother, or just for fun.

Trade data

Or you can securely trade this valuable resource for reward credits, discount codes, money, recommendations, through Rumpel™.

Have you ever signed in to a service with your Google or Facebook account? Why should they be a custodian of your data? Now you can use your own HAT to sign in and actually control the data you share – using a ‘data debit’ – with others and terminate the data debit when you don’t want to share it anymore! Rumpel™ is the service that lets you do that with your HAT.

You can share your data on Rumpel by accepting the Data offers on MarketSquare.

Accepting data offers


Rumpel will be adding 3 new services this year:

Notables: a service on Rumpel that helps the user manage their content on the Internet. With Notables, users can create private notes, lists, logs or choose to broadcast them on MarketSquare™ or share them with others like Facebook, Twitter etc through data debits. These notes can also be blogposts on their own PHATA (Personal HAT address) page.

Dimensions: A new type of calendar that pulls different types of data into a calendar to help you plan your day

Ads2ME: HAT users can enable a box on Rumpel for personalized advertisement or offers in exchange for shared data

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