PHATA is your personal HAT address. It is the URL of your HAT (e.g.

It does not tell anyone where your HAT is on the Internet, or make it more vulnerable. It is similar to a PO Box for your HAT or a nickname for the server.

It is what you use to sign on to HAT-ready services on the Internet.

With a PHATA, you can also set up your public facing personal web page online, without compromising the location of your HAT.

What you choose to show on your PHATA page is customisable on RUMPEL, your HAT dashboard. You can choose to display your profile information, online identities such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, personal website or blog etc. You can also create notes on Notables that you choose to keep private or broadcast publicly.

PHATA can be used as an online calling card. Instead of using LinkedIn or Twitter, you can just give your PHATA, which directs everyone to your PHATA page, showing only data and content you wish to be made public. However, if you wish to keep our HAT private, you can also do so on Rumpel and anyone who goes to your PHATA page will see a standard notice that the HAT is private.

To view some of our HAT community PHATAs, click on the links below.

Our Head of Engineering, Dr Andrius Aucinas:

Our Chairman, Professor Irene Ng: