13th January 2017 Jonathan Holtby

HATDeX Latest Updates

#006: <ALL> 21 December 2016

Web Rumpel updated with a new version 1.2.0. See release notes here.

Rumpel Lite iOS app ver 1.6 is released with Notables functionality. See release notes here.

#005: <ALL> 2 December 2016

Post up a notable with your favourite quote and win a £5 Amazon voucher!

#004: <ALL> 21 November 2016

New data offers at MarketSquare! Check them out!

#003: <BETAs> 18 November 2016

1.. We have a new user guide for using Rumpel. Click on ‘new to Rumpel’ and check it out!

2. Try out Notables: share your notes on MarketSquare or Facebook (more places to come).

3. “We have updated and released a host of new product features! See them here on

4. Rumpel Lite is now all stable and functioning to bring your location into your HAT.

5. 500 HATs have been released to the public today.

#002: <ALL> 15 September 2016

Thank you HATTERS for all your patience. Facebook data plug has had a lot of issues but it is now resolved. If it hasn’t been working for you, please click on the dataplug again on the dashboard and reconnect the dataplug. Wait 5 minutes and it should work.

#001: <ALL> 12 September 2016

Rumpel’s notification launched. Now we can let all HATTERs know when there is an update!