shutterstock_67069651Notables@Rumpel is a service on Rumpel, that lets you log private notes, lists, blogs, links and share them on the Internet on your own terms. You can log a note privately, or share it online. You can also set it to stop sharing at the end of 7 days. Best of all, the note remains in your HAT for your private records after you stop sharing, which is important to build your history of personal data and assets. You can share your notes on Facebook, or on MarketSquare.

Notables@MarketSquare is a service on MarketSquare that lets HATTERs interact with one another by liking or commenting on their public notes.

Your public notes can also be seen on your PHATA (personal HAT address) page, therefore doubling up as your blog posts. Sort your notes according to blogposts, notes or lists and keep a history of your words online.

Try Notables by getting your HAT here.