MarketSquare Platform

MarketSquare™ is the service provided by HATDeX so that HATs can come together as a community and engage with the wider stakeholder community of the HAT ecosystem. On MarketSquare™, HAT users can browse data offers, and build sub groups of HATs interested to engage with a cause or build new functionalities on the HAT. HAT users can keep up to date with the latest news , and chat with other HAT users.

MarketSquare™ is also where data shoppers sign up to ask for HAT data and HAT users can browse these offers and decide which are relevant and if they are willing to exchange their data in return for thebenefits.

Metadata Statistics of the entire HAT ecosystem are reported at MarketSquare™ – MarketSquare™ does not have access to data on the HAT but if there are any exchanges of data on HATs, these exchanges (e.g. Location data has just been exchanged) are collected and aggregated across the HAT ecosystem and the community can view it collectively. This makes the exchanges and interactions on the HAT ecosystem transparent and for all so that we would know the value and worth of a data point in the ecosystem.

Finally, the MarketSquare™ is where developers go to get their data plugs validated and published. Data plugs are services created by developers who wish to bring more and different types of data into the HAT. If a data plug has been created by a developer, they come into MarketSquare™ and register it for approval. Once approved, HAT users can use these data plugs to bring their data into their HATs. HAT users can also vote for the quality of the data plug by voting on it.

When you sign up to MarketSquare™, we do ask you for some personal data so that it is easier for MarketSquare™ to filter new services and data offers directly relevant for you. You can find out what data we have of you in your profile page.

What to do on MarketSquare

BROWSE data offers and trade your data for benefits

1.) Click on ‘Offers’ tab on left hand side to browse data offers.


VIEW the meta data statistics of the HAT Ecosystem and get an understanding of which data is most popular for what kind of benefit!

1.) Live Data is shown on the ‘Home’ page of MarketSquare highlighted below in red.


CHAT with fellow HAT users and FORM subgroups of HATs to engage with organisations, governments

1.) Click on either ‘Discussions’ tab on the left hand side or ‘Chats’ section on the right hand side.


2.) Chat box will appear on the right hand side, were you can chat with fellow HAT users.


CHECK the latest news on events and what’s happening on the ecosystem

1.) Click on ‘What’s Happening’ tab on the left hand side.


CONNECT Data plugs to bring more data into HATs and VOTE the dataplug

1.) Click on ‘Data Plugs’ tab on left hand side, then click on ‘Connect’ box to connect your data plugs to your HAT.

  • On the right hand side is where you can click on either thumbs-up icon or thumbs-down icon to vote on the data plug.


2.) Click on ‘Enable’ box.


3.) Enter your Calendar URL Address into the top box, then click on ‘Link Calendar’.


4.) Now you data plug will show within the next 5 minutes, please refresh page after 5 minutes.


REGISTER a Data plug created so that it can be validated and published


CREATE data offers to obtain data from HAT users