Person-controlled personal data

What is Organisation-controlled personal data (OPD)

Almost all of personal data online is organisation-controlled personal data (OPD). These are data from Fitbit, Facebook, Google, Banks, Supermarkets and all apps.

In a world that wants more engagement and personalisation, getting more personal data is important and crucial for sustainable growth and viability.

BUT, getting OPD is:

  • Economically risky – regulatory environment in Europe
  • Costly – coding every OPD APIs into your app/service
  • Intrusive – potentially erodes credibility & trust
  • Not very valuable. It doesn’t provide insights unless you invest in data capabilities

This is a problem for individuals too!

Your own customers can’t:

  • reuse OPD generated in apps and trackers
  • Combine OPD
  • Share OPD
  • Control sharing
  • Buy combined insights for themselves, without losing privacy

However, OPD is co-produced with the person. The person has never had the technological, legal and economic ability and the rights to use, control and exchange his/her own data dynamically on demand, and in real time

But what if they had?

Introducing the HAT…. (hubofallthings)

The person, the consumer, your own customer, made more digitally powerful and in control of their data

The HAT is more than a data store or a data locker. It is a “micro-server”

  • A legal artefact (person is data controller/processor & subject)
  • A technological artefact (person can have private analytics and algorithms)
  • An economic artefact (person can exchange data in bundle combinations)
  • Can act as a private data account, premium user account for applications/websites to pull data to/from

What can the HAT do?

  • It allows the HAT owner (the person) to claim data from the Internet, use it and exchange it with organisations
  • It can generate new data with the Smart HAT Engine
  • It can transform data claimed into insights private to HAT owner
  • Insights can also be shared for real time, on-demand personalised services
  • HAT owner can also acquire or create their own private, owner applications

PPD economic value is enabled by HATDeX Technology Stack

Platform services create, store, aggregate, analyse, productise, exchange and consume PPD, enabling:

  • Direct-from-own-customer source of personal data
  • Fully scalable, ONE set of APIs of any-data-combination, w/ insights
  • Direct relationship with customer, with trust
  • Personalised engagement

Direct relationship with your customers, and not with data-brokers

Giving your customer a HAT private data account allows your customers to be in full control of whom to share the data with, and they can give you more than the data you hold, in return for great services! Personal Data does not have to be scarce. Companies can finally provision HAT private data accounts to their customers (and their staff) and request for data from them, in return for services, instead of requesting from third party sources. One place for all your customers’ data, owned and controlled by customers themselves, as it should be.

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