HAT Platform Provider

HAT Platform Provider
13th January 2017 Jonathan Holtby
Businesses with a strong infrastructure and hosting capabilities will benefit from becoming a HAT Platform Provider (HPP).

This includes all the benefits of a our Data Shopper Service:

  • Access existing HATs in the Ecosystem and Make data offers to access personal data (through certification)
  • Access MarketSquare for personal meta data and market insights
  • Access all available HAT data points from Universal Data Plugs
  • Obtain support by HATDeX team via HATDeX forum

The benefits of our HoD and HaaS Services:

  • Get instant HAT “off the shelf” for your customers
  • Offer the leading edge HAT solution to store your customers’ personal data
  • Allow your applications to communicate with HATs
  • Free HATDeX Consultancy – Application Scoping
  • Get your customers HAT under your OWN Brand
  • Seemlessly deploy HATs for your customers from your applications
  • Unlimited HATs Deployment

The benefits of our Miliner Services:

  • Unlimited HAT storage and data exchange for your customers
  • More frequent backup for your customers’ HAT
  • Host HAT on your own infrastructure

As well as additional services only for HPP’s:

  • Get data exchange insight for your customers
  • Full flexibility of HAT hosting
  • Infrastructure Development on open source packages

If your organisation is interested in becoming a HAT Platform Provider please contact us at consultancy@hatdex.org