Data Shopping

The data shopper is a service on MarketSquare™ that lets you ask HAT users directly for their data, and you can persuade HAT users to exchange it in return for benefits. Within data shopper, you have the option of choosing the segment of HAT users by gender, age group, country and city and once you have chosen the segment of HAT users you wish to obtain data from, you can then specify exactly what type of data you wish to acquire and what benefit (e.g. Cash, vouchers etc.) you will give in return. The data will be available for you to retrieve via data debit (all data is within one bundle of a data debit) which is an API endpoint on each HAT that has accepted your offer. The conversion of the data returned by the API endpoint (in JSON format) to actual viewable and usable data in your system would depend on your software and how your software would use this data and how this data is integrated into your system.

Creating a data offer

1.) Click on ‘Offers’ tab on left hand side.


2.) Click on ‘Start a new Offer’ button.


3.) Enter your Offer details in the boxes below.


4.) Choose the data you would like to collect.


5.) Tick the boxes you would like data to be collected from.


6.) Click ‘Create Offer’ button.


7.) Now your offer information is displayed here, scroll to view the area’s your data will be coming from.


8.) Keep scrolling but you can see here the area’s your data will be coming from.


9.) When you have scrolled and check the data you want to collect, click on the ‘Pay and submit for approval’ button.


10.) Box will appear, please enter your details here, then click ‘Payment Info’ button.


11.) Enter your card details here, then click on ‘Pay £500.00’ button to pay for the offer to be created.


12.) Now your offer has been created, offer order information is shown below. You will now receive an email to confirm payment.


13.) This is what your confirmation of payment email will look like. No action needed.


14.) Click on ‘My Offers’ tab on the left hand side. Then click on ‘Paid Awaiting Approval’ button, this will show your offer here.


15.) You will receive an notification email to confirm approval of your Data Offer.

16.) Click on ‘My Offers’ tab on the left hand side. Then click on ‘Approved’ button, this will show your offer here.