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Notables v 1.0 and 1.0.1
Gallery 20th February 2018 Uncategorised Irene Ng

Notables – a new app on the HAT! Start your notes here in Notables; save them privately on your HAT or share them as social media posts. Notables is an owner application on the HAT Microserver. v1.0 Notables features v1.0.1 Bug fixes and iPhone X compatibility.

Data Plug for Open Banking APIs
Gallery 17th February 2018 Uncategorised Anna DeWolf

We have had numerous requests for banking data to come into HATs. However, the current legislation does not account for individuals as owners of their own HAT private micro-server data account and being able to get their own data through APIs. Banks can only give other companies API access to your data, and not to

Spotify Data Plug
Gallery 17th February 2018 Uncategorised Anna DeWolf

Pull data in from your Spotify account. Status: Plug ready, awaiting further instructions on deployment NOTICE Spotify API access is granted to apps that are data controllers and data processors. HATDeX Data Plugs are API-to-API Service called on under instruction between HAT owners and Spotify and it is HAT owners themselves that are the data

HAT ioS app v1.0.8
Gallery 25th January 2018 Uncategorised Irene Ng

Bug fixes and performance improvements: – Fixed a bug while uploading locations – Fixed empty pop up messages – Small UI tweaks and changes

HAT iOS v1.0.5/6
Gallery 21st December 2017 Uncategorised Irene Ng

Release notes Added the ability to have a public profile URL (the personal HAT address) Added uploading new profile photo Fixed UI animations Fixed several bugs Fixed Location uploading crash General UI improvements

HAT iOS v1.0.3
Gallery 29th November 2017 Uncategorised Irene Ng

Bug fixes UX improvements and when you tap on a post, you can see the photo posted

Milliner v1.4.1
Gallery 22nd November 2017 Uncategorised Irene Ng

Minor Milliner release: – simplifies cluster interface customisation by reusing bigger parts of the codebase – fixes issues with the handling of HATs that have partially failed to create or delete – Cleaner ECS virtual machine recycling avoiding application server downtime – Adds additional performance metrics to the administrators’ dashboard

HAT v2.5.0
Gallery 22nd November 2017 Uncategorised Irene Ng

The initial release of the Smart HAT Engine (SHE) – Builds a plugin-based architecture for executing functions on incoming data – Uses the existing data bundling method to define the specifics of what data needs to be sent to a SHE function for execution – Demonstrates the approach via existing data mapping into a single

Web Rumpel v3.2
Gallery 20th November 2017 Uncategorised Irene Ng

New in this version: Notables can now be uploaded with file/photo attachments Added all new data plug management screen with improved interactions UI shows all of the acquired data plug-by-plug Added SHE feed Added Fitbit data display to the dashboard and mashup views Besides those, we’re improved quite a few things Upgraded all of the

HATDeX platform iOS v2.3.2
Gallery 20th November 2017 Uncategorised Irene Ng

This app is now the HATDeX Platform Demonstrator App. It is used to demonstrate the HAT and HATDeX platform functionalities to support new apps built on the HATDeX platform. Do not download and use for normal HATs. There is a new HAT app in the AppStore. It does not yet have all the functionalities of