Under the Bonnet, HATDeX briefing paper Vol. 1, issue 1., 4 May 2016


  • Page 1 – Delivering the HAT: We explain the technical solution of how we are rolling out HATs and how organisations can get involved in offering HATs to their customers
  • Page 4 – Beta Services coming in July: We explain the two important services that are coming out with your HAT in July
  • Page 5 – Sneak Peek: A preview of your HAT profile page

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Under the Bonnet, HATDeX briefing paper Vol. 1, issue 2., 17 June 2016

  • The Security of Your HAT from HATDeX: We explain the multiple layers of protection employed to protect personal data stored in the HAT, whether at rest, in transit or in use.

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Under the Bonnet, HATDeX briefing paper Vol. 1, issue 3., 03 June 2017

  • HATDeX is pleased to announce that it has submitted a Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA) to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), which is published in full in this issue.
  • The HAT Ecosystem was conceived of, and designed to enable a global exchange of personal data, upholding a secure and progressive market for that data. As such, the Ecosystem involves various processes and data flows between exchange platforms, HAT Service and Application Providers, the HAT Community Foundation and individual users and their isolated HAT containers themselves. All of these processes must ensure a robust level of privacy, security, confidentiality and trust when handling personal data, meeting and exceeding industry standards.
  • HATDeX have produced a rigorous DPIA on the aspects of the Ecosystem relating to the Data Exchange (DeX) and its interaction with HATs and external entities, and submitted it to the ICO for compliance. The 12-page document is published in this issue of Under the Bonnet. Among other things, the document outlines the major processes involved, illustrates the key actors within the ecosystem and their interdependencies with a detailed diagram (page 3), and includes a detailed table laying out the risks to data privacy and they ways in which HATDeX mitigates them (page 11).

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